02/11/20: Pair Up is currently catching up on a backlog. If you are slow to receive a response as a mentor or mentee, please bare with us. Thank you for your patience.

Pair Up is a place for creatives to find and offer their time to others with the goal of sharing, learning and problem solving with each other.

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Wondering what a Pair Up session might be like? Listen to one now with Mills from ustwo.

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Don’t know how to do something?

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We recommend Pairing sessions last for 30min via a video call, with the platform decided by each individual Pairer.

When arranging to Pair Up, give a description of who you are, what you want to talk about and anything else that's relevant (for example: a portfolio URL).

Sorry, we've had to close submissions for now due to the form being abused by SPAM (oops).
If you're intereted in offering your time still, please email us (found at the bottom of the site).

What this isn’t.

It’s not networking.
It’s not mentorship.
It’s not therapy.
It’s not a tutor.
It’s not a business.
It’s not gospel.
It’s not a guaranteed fix or solution.
What this is.

An open space.
Personal, supportive, encouraging.
It’s timely: do it when it suits you.
Ran on trust and good faith.
A wall to bounce things off.
Free to use.
What we expect from everyone.

Respect and treat everyone equally.
Do not abuse, harass or use this as a platform for abuse.
Be supportive and thoughtful with your session.
Any reports of abusive or unacceptable behaviour will result in you being unable to use this platform indefinitely.
How did this come about?

I, Myles, ran this as a service of my own on my own website for a while, based on the back of a talk I did for Frieze Academy and the various teaching roles I have had. Back in 2014 when I left University, With Associates ran a similar service that I used and it changed my career.

‘Proper’ mentorship schemes are often long-term commitments for mentors and mentees, the schedules can be tough, places are often limited and you are restricted by location.

I met with 12 different people over six weeks, we chatted for 30minutes about whatever they wanted; it was refreshing for me, and I hoped useful for them (I ran some feedback surveys too)!

Surprisingly, most of these people were established creatives that hadn’t been ‘studying’ for a few years, but were mid-career — the opposite of what I had expected (naively).

So, I wanted to make somewhere to encourage others to do the same, and here we are.